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Submission Guidelines

We've added a new Excel 97 template! Please try it out.

We're happy you made it here. If we were to try to enter all this data by ourselves, we would never get done. So, this is where you can help us. If you've seen a show, have a Playbill, or just know of things we've missed or haven't put in yet, drop us a line.

While we will take any information in any (electronic) format you give us, there are even better ways to get your valuable data in quicker. Just follow the template guidelines below, and it will take us no time to get it into the database. But, remember one important thing, please tell us the source of your information (that will make it easier if there is a dispute or conflict later down the line).

Please send all submission to

Submission Template

Everything in [] is something you supply.
[showtitle]||[opening date]
[closing date]||[Theatre location]
[place]||[show type]  

[job]||first middle last 

[role]||first middle last||[start date]||[end date]||[under] 

Not all information is needed.

Couple of gotchas in our formating

  • names that have spaces in them should be enclosed in ""
  • place is Broadway, London, etc.
  • show type should be Musical, Non-musical, or something similar
  • include under only if actor's role was an understudy

Here's a simple example

A Delicate Balance||04/21/1996
9/29/1996||Plymouth Theatre

Presented by||"Lincoln Center Theater"
By||Edward Albee
Director||Gerald Gutierrez
Sets||John Lee Beatty
Costumes||Jane Greenwood
Lighting||Pat Collins
Sound||"Aural Fixation"
General Manager||Steven C. Callahan
Stage Manager||Michael Brunner
Stage Manager||Richard Hester
Press||Susan Chicoine
Press||Merle Debuskey
Press||Philip Rinaldi

Agnes||Rosemary Harris
Tobias||George Grizzard
Claire||Elaine Stritch
Harry||John Carter
Edna||Elizabeth Wilson
Julia||Mary Beth Hurt
Edna||Rosemary Murphy
Agnes/Edna||Patricia Kilgarriff||||||under
Tobias/Harry||William Cain||||||under
Claire/Edna||Barbara Andres||||||under
||Charlotte Maier||||||under


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