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About ITDb Founder Keith Scollick

The Internet Theatre Database is the idea and work of Keith Scollick. ITDb was started "proof of concept" project to show that building a theatre database was a viable and effective idea. He started small and built on his knowledge of computers, web technologies, and his love of theatre to develop the Internet Theatre Database starting back in 1997. The first general public release was in May of 1999 and met with generally favorable opinion.

Keith works on the site in his part time. By day, he works as Sr. Database Engineer for NASA. Since he started working on ITDb, his roles and responsibilities within NASA have grown so large that he can no longer dedicate as much time and effort to the ITDb as he had originally hoped. That is why he has opened the database to the fans, in the hopes that they will continue to build the site and make it a true living record of professional theatre.

Keith is also a part time playwright and has written the acclaimed monologue A Moment's Peace as well as Purgatory's Persistence and the full length musical Heart of the Storm (each of these can be found at the Dramatic Exchange).

And, to answer a common question: Keith's favorite shows are Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and The Most Happy Fella (at least they are this week).

Keith's other interests include auto racing, the Civil War, Iron Chef, and his two daughters (not necessarily in that order).




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